Getting to know me


I am most definitely not, nor will I most likely ever be, a morning person. In a world full of swirling uncertainties it is sometimes nice to take some time to appreciate and evaluate the (in this case painfully) obvious things.

That being said, as an equestrian, there is a few obvious exception to my number 1 rule.

This weekend it happens to be my family’s turn to do the weekend barn duties. This meant that at 7.00 am this morning I found myself at the barn, although admittedly still half asleep. After feeding the horses and letting them out into the pastures, I swept the floors, cleaned some common areas and then started cleaning our boxes. After finishing 2/4 I practically fell asleep on my feet and decided to go home to my apartment to take a nap.

After sleeping through the first few alarms I woke up in time to get back to the stable and give the horses lunch. (Admittedly, at this point I was already wishing I had gotten up in time to eat some lunch or breakfast myself).


I then saddled (a rather excited) Popgun and took an 1,5 hour long walk on some small paths through the woods. The goal was to practice picking up our feet and to do some climbing and my little star was great. 🦄🌲🍂🐜🍃

When we got back we finished up with some light dressage work in the paddock and then we went for another short walk in order to practice leaving and coming back to the yard. (At endurance competitions you usually have to leave the competition area multiple times before you are finished.)


Afterwards I rode a happy Princess Shahina in the woods together with Mom and Nipeta.

To be honest, 🐿I always feel like I might cry every time I ride Shahina.

I am yet to meet a horse quite like her. Shahina radiates joy in a way that is easier seen than explained.

I can’t help feeling so grateful seeing her practically humming as we go out exploring.

She certainly doesn’t seem to know that she is 24 year young and I dread the day she starts acting her age. As long as she is first she is the happiest girl in the world. 🌿


Now that I am back home and finally fed again I decided to make my dream of taking up blogging again become a reality. So feel free to fetch your favourite cup of warm something (in my case chocolate) and prepare yourself for all the rides that are to come with me and my horses here at Enduranceella.


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6 thoughts on “Getting to know me

  1. I’m so exited that you made this blog! You are my all time favorite account on Instagram and I’m sure this blog will be my now obsession❤️

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  2. I love this! Reading your blog has me thinking about making my own (not that my life is as interesting/fun as yours! 😉) Your Instagram is one of the few that I have notifications for, so I look forward to watching your blog posts on here too! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time and writing! It really means a lot to get some feedback and I definitely think you should start a blog! I just looked through all your pictures on Instagram and you really seem like you have an interesting life! It was a little scary starting this blog for me but it was something I wanted to do for a long time. I really think it is fun so to keep track of my day and get some thoughts in writing. At least so far I think it is great and wish I started sooner! don’t wait like I did! What is there to loose? 🦄


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