The only reward you need

Popgun does not seem sure if he is so thrilled about my taste in raincovers. 🦄☔️😂🍭

I got to sleep a little longer this morning since some extremely nice people at the barn offered to feed and let the horses out (since they were going to be there early anyway). 💛

Popgun and Arshaq did however have an appointment booked with a veterinarian at 10 am. They both were just getting vaccines against botulism so it was no major deal.

The rest of the morning and afternoon has so far been spent doing various stable chores (mucking, raking, sweeping, feeding lunch, cleaning, tidying up my lockers etc.).

I actually like doing chores like this because it gives me a reason to just hang around my horses. After all, what better reward is there than a happy horse?

The horses don’t seem to mind having me around either and watch me curiously as I go around pretending to be useful.

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