What it takes to be an Equestrian

2222222220160924-taj_34894-copyBeing an equestrian while trying to maintain what most people would call a “normal” life is not always easy.

Just doing the regular things takes an enormous amount of time. Spending time riding and caring for 1 (or more horses) is not easily combined with things like trying to get good grades in school, meeting and keeping friends who remember your name and birthday, spending time with your family, keeping things remotely tidy, eating healthily, going to the gym and posting all these things on Instagram of Facebook (or maybe even a blog).

Not even mentioning finding someone who will love you not despite all of these things but because these things make you who you are.   

It’s not so easy and we equestrians often get asked how we find the time and the energy to do it all. The simple answer is that we don’t. Not always. Not every single day. We get good at prioritising, multitasking, planing and above all knowing when to ask for help. And I believe that we learn so much for it too.

Luckily,  I am the sort of person that not only can do twelve things at the same time, I actively like multitasking. Perhaps out of habit, but more likely because I hate being bored. But some days even that is not enough. Like today for example.

Having an understanding family makes it all simpler for the days like today when even writing this post only can serve as a short break from the important (and hopefully remotely fascinating) article I am writing for my cell biology class.

I am so lucky and grateful that my mom was able to take care of the horses today!

The truth is: I am a bit strange. I may be ambitious but I am also extremely forgetful and often forget things like charging my phone (and sometimes even what year it is). I barely know anyone in my class(which is not optimal), don’t usually go to parties, don’t care for nasty gossip (because I am not 14 anymore), don’t talk to people I don’t like and rarely spend time just doing absolutely nothing at home. This is not because I hate people but because I am either off in my own imagination or actively trying to get things done, and I like it that way. Why? Well, mostly because it lets me spend as much time as I like hanging out at the stable with my horses(duh).

There is little else to it really.

Figure out what you love doing and try to avoid the unnecessary and often time-consuming things that usually just make you feel worse. This goes for everyone, not just equestrians. There is so much hate in the world, but you don’t need to waste your time bathing in it.

Fill your days with activities that bring you closer to your goals, not things that do the opposite.

Speaking of goals, I now have to get back to my School work.


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