Ponyspa and babysteps

Our equiterapeut Susanne came out today and gave Popgun and Shahina a spatreatment in the form of an ultrasound and massage. They both really seemed to benefit from their treatments, although Popgun wasn’t sure what we were doing at first. 🦄
Susanne said Shahina felt fine but that Popgun was a little more stiff on the left side than on the right, which luckily is not so difficult to fix. Being even is extremely important so we will make sure to keep working on that until Susanne comes back again in a few weeks. Susanne briefly felt over Arshaq too and said that he looked great (and sweet). 💛

After their treatment, we took Shahina and Popgun for a 30 minute walk in order to stretch out their muscles. Adam came along and we got some time to just talk and stroll around, which was nice.👫

Once we got back I did some chores and then saddled up my baby Arshaq.

Since we were riding alone in the paddock in the dark I put legreflectors on him, just in case. He is very brave for a 3 year old but sometimes he tries to get away with things, so I try to avoid all the accidents I can.

I started off by training him from the ground doing our usual routine of “stop, walk, stop, walk, back up, stop, walk” in order to make sure he was listening. 

To my surprise, once I got in the saddle we started things off with a better feeling than we ended things with last time we rode. The ride passed without any strange baby trouble other than I think one tiny jump at some imaginary object. Maybe a ponyeating Pokemon? (Arshaq doesn’t know that he is more than 10 cm too big to be a pony now.)

We walked a few times over some poles on the ground and even trotted twice over too, which he seemed to think was really fun. The poles sure helped keep him entertained, which is great. We also worked on moving between different speeds of walk and trot and moving all around the track in circles, straight lines, serpentines and diagonals. We made sure to stop while we were ahead but it still felt like we had time to do all the things I had planned for him to do. 

Now it is time for me to finish my dinner. 🍝🌽  

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