Just thinking about Tomorrow

Tomorrow was going to be the first time I celebrated my birthday in my apartment instead of at home with my parents. But the idea at the moment is to move my birthday to this weekend instead. I have to bring Shahina to the veterinarian

She has had more melanomas pop up and I am getting more and more nervous about one of them in particular. 

So today mom called another veterinarian and asked if they had gotten any cancelations so that we could get an earlier time than the one we already had booked in November with the dentist. They did. And the time is now booked with one of the very best skin specialists for tomorrow at 9 am. So that is a big relief.  

I know waiting risks things getting worse. But I also know that if there is any sort of bad news it will somehow feel worse. If that is even possible. We are talking about my Shahina after all. So any bad news would feel devastating regardless. 

I just hope things go well and that we don’t have to worry anymore. 
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