Riding away from our worries

I rode my Shahina in the woods bareback today to calm my nerves before tomorrow and to get some more time for us together just doing what we love doing. 🦄💛
Just being with Shahina and seeing her happy was exactly I needed. 

My princess was her usual jolly self for the parts when I wasn’t crying. As soon as I started getting sad though she would stop and look around, probably wondering what we were supposed to be so afraid of. Since she never seemed to see anything out of the ordinary, she would then continue walking as if nothing was wrong. 

Poor Shahina. I hope with every molecule in my body that in fact nothing is wrong and that everything will go well tomorrow. 

I am so afraid that they will have to operate on her or worse. What if her tomours are so bad that they won’t be able too? 

She means so much to me. I know we will be in extremely competent hands but it all still feels so very unfair. I feel like my family has had enough cancer as it is already. Why can’t it just leave Shahina alone? 

But there is still hope in my heart that this all looks so much worse than it is. That they won’t need to do anything or that they will be able to help her if they feel they need to do something about them. 

After getting back and doing some chores, Mom and I saddled up Popgun and Nipeta and rode down to one of the lakes. Since we are getting up early to go to the veterinarian with  Shahina tomorrow we only rode 8,9 km in 1 hour and 24 minutes. Popgun was great and we took the time to practice some of our dressage moves to keep our minds busy.
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