My Birthday wish came true

My birthday did get a very rocky start but we are now finally back from the veterinarian and I can tell you guys that Shahina is going to be alright! We also got lots of warm words about how nice she looked, which was appreciated. 💛🦄 

We will need to go back in February and check how fast her melanomas are growing but at the moment they seem to be under control. 

Since one of them is in a little bit of a troublesome place (right in front of where her saddle girth goes). We are considering the new vaccines that potentially might stop it growing (and stop it from becoming a problem). But at the moment that particular tomour is relative small and the veterinarian said that we are free to continue riding as usual. Which makes things a lot better. 

The vaccines they are offering is very new so it would be nice for us if we could wait a little while longer to see if it continues to be proven good. It has so far shown to have a 60% chance to actually stop tomour growth and decrease size. Which sounds very promising, but there are still some uncertainties. I am lucky enough that the cost of these new vaccines would not be an issue, but I heard that that is why many people choose not to use it. There may also be some side effects that we don’t know about. 

I am also very lucky that we live so close to such good veterinarians and that both my parents are scientist. It would be a lot more difficult if I couldn’t get so much help reading through all the available research in order to get the best possible care for my Princess. 

Now I am going to actually start remembering that it is in fact my birthday. 🎂💛🦄🎁

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