Halloween for a horseriding biology student

 We spent most of the afternoon at school doing a large number of funny physiology experiments during our school lab. 

I refused to dunk my head in the cold water or chew the nicotine gum for the sake of science. 

I know, I am so boring. But at least I am consistant. 

But I did let them spin me around on a chair until I felt dizzy and then practically blind myself by a lightbulb. That was less gross and more silly, like me. 

It was also rather fun to see the charts from when one of my fellow students got to run up down some flights of stairs and then breath into a very disgusting and reused bag. (Not even for a Ferrari or a brand new and costume made saddle would I ever do that. No way.) 

It was a long day but at least we did learn a lot more about how the human body works.

After calming my germophobia, I went and ate some dinner and then went to clean the stables, brought the ponies in and made their food. 
It got quite late today so I decided I should go food shopping instead of riding. Since it is supposed to snow tomorrow so I had to brush off all the fresh mud from Arshaq so that he can wear a cover tomorrow and not get wet and cold. 

Now I am going to enjoy looking at the uneaven pumpkin I carved and drink some chocolate. 🎃☕️

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