Rainy day and no electricity 

It was lucky I got to the stable early today because Arshaq and Popgun were both very wet and cold. It had rained straight through both of their raincovers so I brought them in and got them warm again and then they kept me company while I did the chores. 🦄☔️

For tomorrow they will wear other raincovers which hopefully will not get rained through like today.

Nipeta and Shahina were not cold but I brought them in too because the rain and thunder was getting worse and they were very wet too.

While mom and I was sorting out covers the electricity suddenly disappeared and the room when completely dark. I used my phone to light my way and Mom went a got a lamp. We worked in the dark for quite a while and adjusted covers. Turns out it was only a fuse that broke, which we didn’t realize. So the lights were eventually back and running.⚡️😱

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