Winter workouts 

The ground is covered with a blanket of snow and millions of snowflakes are still rushing down from the sky to join them as I write this post. ❄️ 

Tonight we were met with an untouched winter- wonderland as Popgun and I headed out the door and walked to the paddock with Mom and Nipeta following behind us. 

We were dressed in warm winter clothes and Popgun kept warm in a flashy cover from our sponsor Exclusive Horsewear

I have lived in Sweden my entire life and seen many white winters but nights like this still take my breath away.

After walking around for a while I started jogging slowly as Popgun followed next to me, eagerly prancing around in the growing layer of snow.  

Despite feeling like making snow angels and building snowmen I settled for jogging around with my spotted Prince. 

I don’t mind building up my cardio but most of all I wanted to avoid the unwanted build-up of snowballs in his feet. Luckily he had no such troubles this time but we kept jogging around for a while nonetheless. I dreamed of competitions as we practiced runing up for imaginary veterinarians. 

We ran slowly as I tried to film and Popgun seemed confused as to what I was doing stretched in front of him. 

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