Botulism and Influenza vaccinations 

Popgun got vaccinated against equine influenza and tetanus today. Popgun and Arshaq were also supposed to get vaccinated again against Botulism today. But this could not be done since the veterinarian who did the previous vaccinations had accidentally written the wrong dates in both their passport for when they were last vaccinated (she wrote 9th of November 2016 instead of 9th of October 2016). I even wrote about on the day she came. 

You see, this particular round of vaccinations are supposed to be given with one month intervals. For understandable legal reasons, today’s veterinarian could therefor not vaccinate.

Now we will either need to call out the first veterinarian to correct what is written in the passport and give them their next round of vaccinations soon or we will have to re-start their vaccination schedule. Which is not very cheap.

“Why do we bother vaccinating?” up you might ask.

It is very simple. 

Botulism is deadly disease caused by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum which produces one of the world’s most powerful neurotoxins. In Sweden there is no cure other than preventing it ahead of time by vaccinating. 

Not all people vaccinated against it in Sweden but we feel that the vaccinations cost much less than loosing our precious horse because of it.  


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