Nutrition Expert and riding without a saddle

Today I rode Popgun without a saddle for the first time ever. We also took the opportunity to take some pictures in the sparkly snow. ❄️💎🦄👸🏼

We followed the path around one of the fields and thankfully I didn’t fall on my face. Since he got vaccinated yesterday I wanted to keep it short and simple so we kept it to a walk.

Mom and Nipeta joined us for the last bit of the way and also seemed to enjoy the beautiful snowy scenery. ☃ 

Once we got back we filled their water buckets and started to clean their boxes. After that we brought Shahina and Arshaq in as well and gave them all their afternoon snacks. 

Not long after, the equine feed and nutrition specialist Cecilia Müller arrived. 

Shahina and I won a free meeting with Cecilia at this years Arabian Sport Cup. So we invited her to come and see what needed changing in terms of our horses feed. 

We introduced her to all of the horses and she evaluated their general weight and asked us about each of their activity levels. 

Afterwards, we showed her the food we have been feeding them. From this she calculated if each of the horses have been getting exactly what they needed in terms of protein/energy/vitamins/minerals etc. 

Cecilia told us that mom had done a good job with picking products with high amounts of protein but that we should increase the amounts of at least one of the products since the hay they are eating is so low on protein.  

I asked her loads of questions and she answered them all incredibly well. Although this feeding business is still in no way simple, she made it all seem a lot more graspable. She also sorted out some common myths I have heard in the past from the real facts. 

On several occasions, she also showed us multiple reasons why not to blindly trust the back of the feedbuckets. 

It turns out that two of the other products we have been using basically doesn’t yet show any real documented effect. Nontheless, she did seem to agree that we perhaps shouldn’t change “what works” when it comes to my Queen Shahina. I will need to think about this befor I make a decision.

She also showed us that one of the mineral products we were using was unnecessary since they were already getting sufficient amounts of those exact minerals from one of the other seemingly different products. 

But nonetheless, we will definitely save a lot of money thanks to her in the future, in addition to being sure that we are doing our very best for our horses when it comes to this important issue of food. 🌱🦄
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