Winter Shoes

Popgun and Arshaq got new shoes today with snowsoles and spikes, so they are currently  ready to fully enjoy the winter weather. 

We will fix shoes for Nipeta and Shahina within the next few days, but I think the snow might melt away before then. 🦄⛸

My regular stable shoes were wet so today I thankfully borrowed Adam’s winter boots. I must say that my usual size 38 shoes were nothing like wearing these size 46 moonboots.

Adam and mom also did a great job at changing the trailer’s “shoes” by putting winter tiers on the trailer. I only needed to finish up the chores in return.

We then waited for the veterinarian to come out in order to fix up the problem with the botulism vaccinations in Popgun’s and Arshaq’s passports. 

Now we just need someone to come out and vaccinate them again. 

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