why I love snowsoles

My ride with Shahina today didn’t exactly go as planned.  

The ground was so extraordinarily awful for a horse without snowsoles so we ended up turning back almost immediately. I was smart enough to bring a hoof pick since her feet filled up with snow and ice almost every other step. 

It took us ages to get back to the stable door, not only because Shahina was more interested in eating some sticks/plants she found instead of letting me clean out her feet a million times over and over again. She did not approve at all of my silly human priorities and made that very clear. Princesses know best I guess. ๐Ÿ‘‘

But, for some reason I figured it might be better in the paddock. Which it was not.

So it was a rather disappointed mare and a very tiered rider that eventually gave up and went inside tonight. 

We are lucky that we don’t need to wait too long for winter shoes though since our farrier is coming on Wednesday evening. Thank goodness. ๐Ÿ™

Until then I will be wiser than today and focus on riding Popgun and Arshaq instead. 

The picture is from a beautiful ride in the snow with Shahina from 2 years back. 

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2 thoughts on “why I love snowsoles

  1. Det dรคr kรคnner jag igen allt fรถr vรคl. Att hรคstarna fรฅr sรฅdana snรถkokor under hovarna sรฅ man blir livrรคdd fรถr att de ska bryta benen. Som boende i Skรฅne med snรถ vรคldigt sรคllan blev det aldrig sรฅ att vi satte pรฅ snรถsulor. Men har man mycket snรถ sรฅ รคr det nog ett mรฅste.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ja det รคr otroligt lรคskigt och skillnaden รคr som natt och dag med eller utan snรถsulorna. I Uppsala รคr det lite olika hur mycket snรถ vi fรฅr men det รคr tillrรคckligt att man mรฅste ha det, alternativt att man tar av skorna antar jag. Finns massor med knep med diverse oljor och sรฅnt som vissa smรถrjer med istรคllet men inget som funkat fรถr oss รคn. Det skulle vara bra annars om det fanns nรฅgot sรฅdant. โ„๏ธ


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