Police cars and cantering with Popgun 🦄

Popgun and I rode about 12 km in 1,5 hours today with a little bit less trot and a little more canter than we usually do and with a little bit of extra climbing. We are still walking a lot and practicing our dressage as we so so. 🦄  

Pretty Popgun has a great attitude and is super easy to keep going at an even pace at a canter outside. He will continue at the same speed in a straight line until you ask him to do something else. 

The ride went very well except one thing. Of the maybe 10 cars that passed us tonight there was only one that practically drove up into Popgun‘s tail and drove past us faster than light.

And it was a police car, believe it or not.

No blue lights, no emergency, just an incredibly inconsiderate driver who should know better. 

We are lucky that Popgun is so very nice or there would have been a serious accident. 

Even though Popgun was properly cooled down after our ride, we decided to let him try walking around in the exercise machine for maybe 20 minutes. Mostly to get used to it. 

It was no big deal at all for him at all. The only thing he didn’t understand was when the machine switched directions and started going the other way. Instead of turning around, he just calmly started walking backwards as if that was the most natural thing in the world. It took some convincing from us to get him to understand that he was supposed to turn around when the machine turned. 

Tomorrow it is baby Arshaq‘s turn. 

After finishing, we went inside and brushed, cuddled, massaged and stretched before I needed to start doing chores and bringing the others inside. 

A little video from before our ride. I was getting Popgun from the pasture.

Late autumn and early winter can be pretty muddy and boring some days in Sweden. So usually all the ponies want to come in and play when you come. 

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2 thoughts on “Police cars and cantering with Popgun 🦄

    1. Jag tyckte också att det var väldigt skumt och blev ganska arg men tyvärr har jag sett betydligt värre förare ändå. 👀 folk som slängt saker och tutat och liknande, så det är skönt att det inte var något värre och att inget hände med min häst eller mig.


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