Flying lessons ๐Ÿ•Š

Popgun and I rode some dressage and cavaletti today. ๐Ÿฆ„

After warming up, we worked on gently moving sideways in both directions and eventually started walking and trotting over very small jumps and poles on the ground.  

We watched a more experienced jump rider and her beautiful horse ride over all the poles right after each other in the shape of a lightning bolt. Naturally, we tried to do the same. 

It was much more difficult than it looked since the turns were quite sharp. Eventually we got the hang of doing it calmly at both a walk and a trot. But it took a lot of brain power and concentration from both Popgun and myself. 

Once we were able to trot over the poles comfortably we decided to try jumping the small jump at the end of the paddock. 

That went worse than expected. 

Popgun got a little too excited and decided to speed up and jump way over the jump (with all feet at the same time) which accidentally sent my feet out of the stirrups and almost sent me flying out of the saddle. This made him speed up even more and even do a small buck. Which almost really got me thrown off but luckily I stayed on and I regained balance before we reached the wooden fence at the corner. 

A little too exciting for everyone but luckily no one fell off. 

We lowered the jump a little and tried again and things went well. 

We finished with a good feeling of success and I got off to us cool down. 

Baby Arshaq was so silly the other day when there was a horse jumping when we were in the paddock.. so we decided to work on that again today.. 

I was smart enough to walk him around a lot from the ground first and waited for most of the excitment to ebb away. Luckily he didn’t try to dance around in circles this time but was still noticeably excited.  

Eventually I dared myself to get on I think we were better for it afterwards. Even if I felt a little insecure. 

It got very exciting sometimes when someone was trotting over or around the poles but it felt like we made slow progress. And I felt so grateful for the other riders who were so patient with us.

The best possible thing for us was to keep him moving and walking over the poles as well. That made a big difference. 

Once things felt safe again we decided to call it a day. I rode back to the stable door, rode around a little on the yard and then got off. 

We will need to do this again until baby finds it boring. I want Arshaq to be bombproof after all. 

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15 thoughts on “Flying lessons ๐Ÿ•Š

    1. Yes it really was crazy exciting but luckily one gets braver every time. They are usually really calm and always sweet and beautiful so they don’t look scary ๐Ÿ’› thank you for taking the time to comment, it means so much for a new blogger.


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