The most sparkly boots you will ever see and singing in the snow 

I am loving my new little friend. The horses have always had their own soft animal rabbit as a mascot but I feel like this little unicorn deserves to be part of our team. 


Popgun got shaved again today and we also put on some of the new equipment we bought on sale yesterday. I really love the new sparkly leg protectors. 

Popgun got bored of standing and tried to play with his new sparkly halter. 

My white prince was rather excited during our ride but very eager to do his best. We started of by riding on a path around one of the fields and then went in to the paddock to do some dressage. 

We worked a lot on lateral movements again today and really loosening up. We also used the wonderful marks that were left in the snow to get our circles properly round. 

It was really blowing at some points so I was greatful for the buff and balaclava that I had covering most of my face. 

There was also some trouble with the saddle today since I had forgotten to tighten it properly. So I had to get off at one point, which was a little bit of an interruption. 

But overal it felt like a successful ride. But tomorrow I really want to go out an enjoy the nature instead .​​

I really started feeling the Chistmas spirit after this weekend’s Christmas shows. All the newly fallen snow pushed me past the point of no return and got me singing Swedish Lucia songs. 

Lucia is a Swedish holiday were people dress up in white gowns and sing cozy songs about winter as they walk around in a line. One girl is picked to wear candles in her hair and is named “Lucia”. The other girls and boys walk after her wearing either glitter (girls) or a big cone on their heads(boys).

It sounds so weird when I write about it but it is actually a really wonderful tradition. 

The best part of Lucia is the wonderful songs about winter and the lussebullar. Lussebullar are delicious yellow bread like cookies shaped as the number 8 with two raisins in each loop. 🍪

When I came to the stable I also noticed that the door had been beautifuly decorated with these welcoming lights! Makes winter feel so much warmer and magical. ❄️☃ 
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