Success comes in different forms

Today Shahina and I rode with Popgun and Mari-Helen from University for about an hour on a path around one of the fields. We mostly walked and talked but we also trotted some and she got to know Popgun a little better. 

Shahina and I started off riding first during the first 20 minutes but then we let the other two ride first the rest of the time. The ground was a little uneven in some places so we were very careful. 

Some other parts of the path were covered in a lot of snow so they got to work a little extra there. 

I was very greatful for both the company and the extremely bright headlamp I had borrowed from my mother but by the end I wished I had put on warmer clothes. My toes were like ice and I felt like a snowman but the ride was nice and the ponies were grateful! 

After getting back the the stable we untacked  Shahina and Popgun and I brushed and saddled Arshaq

Baby Arshaq then came out to the paddock to be ridden. On the way there we passed the new exercise machine where one of the horses was walking. Arshaq got a little excited and first didn’t want to walk past it. Eventually, after some baby talk and persuasion we got to the paddock calmly. 

We decided to wait a little while with getting on so we worked a little from the ground and I appreciated being able to warm up my feet. 

After a while I decided to try to get on by the gate but Arshaq was mostly looking at the swirling machine with a pretty mare inside of it and didn’t want to stand still next to the mounting stool. 

Adam showed up and I asked him to hold Arshaq so that I could just jump up instead. That worked. 

We rode around for a couple of minutes until it felt like Arshaq was listening and then called it a day. Not every successful ride ends with a big ribbon after all. 

Sometimes it is just about stopping while you feel ahead and things are going well. Today was one of those days with baby. 
The picture of Arshaq is from this summer. 🐥

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7 thoughts on “Success comes in different forms

  1. What absolutely beautiful horses! 🙂 You are absolutely right, success comes in many forms – a wonderful life lesson to know!


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