Avoiding the slippery roads

As I write this my feet are still thawing after a ride in the snow. 

Line came along and started off by riding Popgun and I rode Shahina. I didn’t really keep track of time but Popgun was a little more excited than usual today so we switched horses after maybe half the riding time. 

Shahina was very well behaved with Line despite only wearing a halter and they got to trot in front as I rode Popgun behind them. 

Shahina‘s trot is quite fast for an Arabian so when she is trotting moderately fast Popgun can easily canter slowly. On the other hand, Popgun is a very fast walker instead. 

Both Shahina and Popgun can of course walk, trot or canter much faster or slower too but I am talking about the speeds that they naturally pick themselves. 

It was very cold and neither of us was particularly properly dressed for Arctic riding conditions but we had fun anyway. 

Next time we ride together I would like to ride down to the dirtroads instead but it was dark and very slippery on the roads today so it was smart of us that we stayed on the safe little path around the fields this time. 

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