December 2nd: who is your role model?


 Advent calender flap number two: who is your biggest role model? 

I have so many people that I look up to and that inspire me in all my different interests. There are so many people that I could write about but here are a few that I have inspired me the most. 

The two that have made most of a difference to me would have to be my parents. I am yet to come across someone as intelligent and outgoing as my Dad or as hardworking and strong willed as my mother. 

In endurance riding, it has always been Maria Hagman who has inspired me the most. She is a very skilled and confident rider and makes tough competitions look easy and exciting in a way that few others do. 

In blogging my biggest roll model is definitely Isabella Lรถwengrip beause she continues to write fun, personal, real and interesting posts every single day. And in only a few years, despite mean comments and other problems along the way, she has built up an entire empire and family with so much love. 

On Instagram there are so many inspiring people that I can almost not begin to count them all but a few of them are @lifebetweentheears, @ellakociuba, @matildebrandt, @zintapolo, @dalecarlian_horsetales, @ridelovelaugh, @hazel_harley and @cyybara. They are all wonderful people who post amazing pictures that I look at every day. 

In music it would need to be Joni Mitchell, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Simon&Garfunkel and anyone who ever really poured their soul into their songs. 

This is part of Kajsonโ€™s advent calendar
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10 thoughts on “December 2nd: who is your role model?

  1. I absolutely loved reading about your role models, and I really enjoy the idea of an advent calendar with prompts! ๐Ÿ™‚


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