Dressage lessons in the sunshine and a magical hack

Today our dressage trainer Per came out ​and I rode a lesson on first Popgun and then Arshaq.  

Prince Popgun made a lot of progress during our lesson and I felt what a big difference it made having Per there to help guide us. 

While riding my little baby Arshaq there was an even more obvious difference. Not only in how confident I felt. 

There were some intense distractions for Arshaq and I today. There were loud pheasants in the bushes, people doing strange things in the woods and the other horses were getting their lunch in the pastures next to the paddock. I was very happy that Per was there  to give us tips when Arshaq tried to be silly. 

Baby Arshaq was so gorgeous in my opinion during a lot of the time but we have a lot of work ahead of us. 

Adam was super sweet and filmed everything for us so put on he volume and get a feeling for what we did today. 

Shahina also went for a hack(which is when you ride outside) today with Rebecka on Paloma and Wilma on Egon. We rode in the woods for an hour in a walk and some trot. 

The snow looked gorgeous in the sunset and they were all great company.  

Since Arshaq dropped a shoe today and one of Nipeta‘s snowsoles was a little broken,  our wonderful farrier came out and put their shoes on. 

We first tried shoeing Arshaq in the shower area since there was most light there but he isn’t used to being there so he didn’t behave at all. So we stood somewhere else and then things worked fine. 
Nipeta and mom then went for a walk and I did some stable chores.

Also, once mom came back, we let Arshaq walk two laps in the walking machine for the first time ever. Baby pushed a little at the bars but other than that he really was calm and made me so proud. 


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