4th of December: which dream have you had that came true? 

Advent calendar flap number four: which dream have you had that came true? 

When I was little, my Christmas and birthday wish list looked something like this

  1. Pony
  2. Horse 
  3. Pony 
  4. Horse
  5. Pony 
  6. Horse
  7. Pony 
  8. Horse 
  9. Bridle for my new pony 
  10. Saddle 

Everyday I would beg my parents and I saved up over 200$. But for a long time it felt like my dream of getting my very own pony would never come true.

But finally, mom and I found Shahina all those wonderful and memorable 10,5 years ago. 

I didn’t have a lot of friends when I was little and mostly talked to teachers and other grown ups instead of other kids. But when I found Shahina, I trusted her more than anyone and fell head over heels in love.  

I would talk to her just as I would talk to any person and she would patiently listen as I brushed and braided most of the daylight away. 

The first time that I ever cried tears of joy was a Christmas Day a few years later. 

You see, when we bought Shahina her passport was incorrectly registered. But since my mom knew from the start how important Shahina was to me she managed to, with a lot effort, get her papers back in order and got her a proper passport. While doing so she also officially signed her over to my name. Suddenly she was mine, not only in my heart but also on paper. Not ours but mine

To me she was always unconditionally perfect, even though that wasn’t so obvious to everyone else at times. 

Shahina made a childhood dream become an obsession.  

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This is part of Kajson’s advent calendar

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