A good way to start your morning

Got up for an 8 am training session this morning with my wonderful personal trainer Pernilla at P&T Kungsängen

We started off with a brisk 5 minute jog and talked about the Borg scale which is basically a measurement of how intense the exercise feels on a scale from 6-20, where 6 is no activity at all and 20 is a extremely strenuous activity. 

I slept very badly last night so I felt a little bit off this morning but I still felt like I tried my best. 

After warming up we did squats with a big training ball between my back and the wall. At the same time I was supposed to repeatedly lift up a 10 kg weight above my head but that became too difficult when I started the 2nd set so I was told to just rest it upp against my collerbones instead. I didn’t feel a lot in my legs though but my arms were quite tiered after. 

After that I did chin-ups with some help, bench press and a few exercises with the training ball and some using just my body and of course Pernilla’s wonderful help. 

Now, after a shower and a big breakfast, it is time for a plant physiology class at University. 

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