December 6th: what is the best thing about yourself?

Advent calendar flap number six: what is the best thing about yourself?

I am not very good at giving myself compliments so I think this is an exellent mental exercise for someone like myself. 

I know that I am smart and that my imagination is great but I would like to think that I am good at other things too. More important things. 

I think that the best thing about myself is that I care. I care very much about other people’s feelings, especially the ones I Love. I really hate making people sad or angry and I am very bad at just letting someone stay angry. 

I cry at the end of all my favorite movies and would easily sacrifice myself for someone I love. Our horses are no exception. 

One of the bravest and perhaps dumbest things I have ever done was when my mom’s horse Nipeta was in a very scary trailer accident and I climbed in the trailer to get her loose. Complety crazy, I know, but it thankfully saved her life since her neck was wrapped back by a halter that did not brake and both of her back legs were stuck up in the air. 
To be honest, I think I couldn’t tell you if I did  it out of love for Nipeta or for my mom since I know how much they both mean to each other. I don’t know. Perhaps equal amounts of both. All I know is that I wouldn’t have done that unless I cared. 

I think I maybe care too much sometimes for my own good since I still after a year can’t talk about Silver without the tears pushing behind my eyes. Nonetheless, what I love about myself the most is that I care.  

This is part of Kajson’s advent calendar 

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2 thoughts on “December 6th: what is the best thing about yourself?

  1. Love the horses and love your story. Care until It hurts! You may never get the same consideration in return but it makes you a better person just for doing it. Your like me, you’ll jump in even when it’s crazy and that’s OK.


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