December 7th: who do you think needs some extra love today?

Advent calendar flap number seven: who do you think needs some extra love today? 

There are many people that I think need some extra love today but I would love to give a big shout out to all of the parents who help their children with their horse riding. 

I am so impressed by all the parents at the stable. They don’t only pay and drive their kids to the barn as one would expect. All of them also spend a lot of their time helping out by doing all sorts of different tasks like cleaing up, tack up, walking, feeding, brushing, bringing the horses in and out and just generally by being around. I also sometimes see some of them take sweet pictures of and selfies with the horses. It melts my heart and I know their kids appreciate it. 

My own parents do so much for my own riding and I know how much I appreciate it. 

I am equally impressed by the boyfriends/ husbands like Adam who do the same for their girlfriend/wife.

It means so much when someone you love wants to take part in your interests and takes the time to help out so that you can get everything that you planned on doing done and still get to come home early. 

This is part of Kajson’s advent calendar  

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