Long climbs and cavaletti 

Popgun went out for a 2,5 hour ride today down past the lakes. 

We walked most of the time since it was a little icy in places but we did find some places where we could safely trot and canter a little. I love training over past the lakes since it brings in a lot of well needed climbing to our otherwise flat roads. 

Afterwards Popgun was massaged, stretched and brushed after a job well done. 

Maria then came and got to ride Shahina with me on the ground giving tips. They rode for a little over an hour and did dressage in a walk and trot. They also worked some over cavaletti poles which they seemed to enjoy. 

Shahina then got to walk in the walking machine for a little over 20 minutes. 

I then did some stable chores and worked with baby Arshaq a little with the water hose and put a saddle on him just for the sake of practice. 

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