Dressage trainings that make you dream 

Today our great dressage trainer Per came out to the stable and I rode lessons with both Popgun and then Arshaq

Prince Popgun and I worked on trotting in serpentines, 10 meter volts, down the center line and cantering in big 20 meter volts. Princey really has a heart of gold and always tries to understand the confusing things we tell him to do even though he doesn’t always understand everything. 

It is not always easy to get a smooth change in direction in our serpentines but we are working on it and it gets better for every time. 

Now I just really want us to get as experience as possible by daring to get out to as many trainings, pay and rides, pay and jumps, mini competitions and practically anything that might make us better. 

Baby Arshaq and I worked on similar things but also on getting a more active yet controlled trot. He was a little all over the place today but at times things felt good. 

There were puddles everywhere that made us all quite muddy but thankfully the ground was soft which made it feel worth it. 

Once we finished riding, baby Arshaq got to practice being bathed. When he cooperates he is just as sweet as Popgun but he takes a lot more work sometimes. 

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