Riding after the Moon

It was not at all cold today and the ground was soft in most places, which meant almost perfect riding conditions as long as there was daylight.  

Popgun and I went for a 1,5 hour ride down to the lakes and we mixed in a tiny bit of extra canter and trot on the way there after warming up.

The moon was beautiful and followed us along on our ride. 

Just as we were about to turn back to the stable, Ella Lindblom from Prinsens Araber called. She is an endurance trainer so she gave me a lot of insperation and tips for next season. 

Afterwards we rode some dressage in the paddock just to get some extra practice. He was a little excited at first because I put up some cavaletti poles for us to walk over but after doing some serpentines he calmed down and felt so great.

Then I walked Prince Popgun around, put trailer gear on and waited until my mom could come out and connect the car to the trailer. We then trailer trained for a while.

My Princey is not so used to the ramp but is very well behaved sweet. Popgun sort of pounced on the ramp with his front legs a few times just like an arctic fox pouncing in the snow. So Adam suggests we call him Foxgun now. 

After that, I spent some time cuddling Arshaq and then did the rest of the chores as mom rode off with Nipeta

Shahina then got to go out riding in the paddock in just a halter and no saddle. My princess was so pleased as she got to ride around in a walk, trot and canter and really danced. 

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