Best dressage training Ever

You know that feeling when everything goes exactly perfect all day? No? Me neither. 

Today was full of many ups and downs. It all started with missing the small yet so important thing that is breakfast. When I got to the the stable most of the horses’ covers were soaking wet so I had to take a lot of extra time worrying and searching for spare covers and laying out and drying the wet ones that didn’t have replacements before finally getting all the horses out dry and happy. 

Things felt a lot worse once I then accidentally dropped the water container and got myself soaking wet. I then of course tripped right into the electric fence and got the worst electric shocks of my life. It felt like my brain turned off and my chest exploded. Surprisingly awful. And cold. 

Things got a lot better when Super Adam came to the rescue and brought me dry clothes right in time for our dressage trainer Per came out to train Arshaq and myself.

Arshaq and I then had our best dressage lesson yet! Baby was so well behaved and afterwards we treated ourself to a short yet truly magical walk in the snow. 🦄❄️
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