Preparing for this weekend’s great adventure

Popgun and Shahina went for a beautiful 2 hour ride today in the snow with my mom and myself. 

We mostly rode at a walk for the almost 13 km ride but we also trotted some so that Mom and Shahina could properly practice for this weekend’s adventure. 

This Saturday we are going to take part in a 40 km charity ride, which is the day before my mother’s birthday. I am going to ride Popgun and mom is going to ride Shahina

The goal for the charity is to collect money so that all children in war torn countries get the right to go to school. Please do go support it.  💛 

When we got back we realized that Popgun’s snow sole had slipped out of place during our ride so we had to take his shoe off. Luckily our great farrier can come out soon and put it on again. 🦄❄️🌨☃

Would be great if it stayed snowy and beautiful for Saturday. 

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