Big film cameras and bouncing babies

Today my little baby Arshaq and I trained for our dressage trainer Per. 🦄❄️

Since the paddock looked like an ice hockey rink today, we decided to spend our lesson riding on the path around in field instead.

Per brought a big camera and film camera to document our work.

This was the first time since moving to the stable that Arshaq and I didn’t at least start off our ride in the paddock and luckily nothing too overly dramatic happened. But I wouldn’t say we were on our best behavior ever.

Riding around the paddock was not a problem. 

Per always wears a radioheadset during our lesson so I listen to him through an earpiece (in only one of my ears). This means that I can always hear him clearly without him following us around or shouting. 

We worked on going between all three gates (walk, trot and canter) and worked on our big boy dressage moves while doing so. Arshaq often tries to remind me that he is a big boy now and can take on the world at once

Arshaq was excited when we started cantering the first few times so there may have been some inappropriate bouncing. But things quickly felt more stable as we calmly rode around and by the end I was very proud of my baby.  

Maybe soon we will ride out in the woods again. We will need to wait a little for that though since the roads between the stable and the woods are extremely slippery at the moment. 

After our dressage lesson, Maria came out and rode Shahina on the path along the field and I jogged along. They both apprecaited it a lot.  👑💛

Susanne also came out and treated Popgun. 

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