Faster. Stronger. 

As I write this my arms feel like jelly and my legs are equally shaky as I finish walking up the stairs to my appartment. 

I have good reason to be tiered since I just finished a great training session with my personal trainer Pernilla at P&T Kungsängen

I warmed up with a short jog and then we got to work. 

My arms, chest, shoulders, legs, butt and back got themsleves a good workout. Not to mention my brain that got to think a great deal as I learned a few new exercises. 

Some things can look so incredibly easy when somebody else does them. And then you get so shocked when you try for yourself and end up looking as clueless as a puppy with an iPad. I try but I don’t know what I am doing. That’s when it helps to have Pernilla there to guide my enthusiasm in the right direction. 

Once we were finished, I jogged a little bit more and then did some stretching, which my muscles appreciated. 

So now I am off to the stable to get shoes on for Popgun. 

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