Preparing for this weekend’s competition

We finally got out in the light today for a ride in some freshly fallen snow. 

I rode Prince Popgun and my mother rode an excited Queen Shahina, who was a little disappointed by having to take turns riding first. 

13 km might not be a very long ride but it was great practice for this weekend ahead of us. We are going to the first competition of the year up in Bjursås with Popgun and Shahina.  

The competition is only a clearround but this will hopefully be a wonderful vacation with the horses and my family. What better way is to spend a vacation anyway? 

The ponies were very silly today in the pasture before I got the chance to bring them in. I put together a little video with all the bouncing around like wild bunnies. Especially Shahina. Mares just want to have fun after all. 

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