Beautiful rides while dealing with the cold

The day treated us to a dressage lesson with Popgun full of “aha” moments followed by a fun canter around in the snow with Shahina.🦄❄️

Popgun also got to stretch his legs out for a few laps around the field after finishing the lesson. Being me, I also took the oppertunity to take a few pictures while cooling off. That was before my phone gave up and temporarily shut off because of the cold. 

Shahina let out some energy and we did a lot of listening excersises by moving between gates every few meters. 

Although it was still quite cold, my phone held on quite a bit longer this time since I was better at keeping it warm. I managed to get quite a few nice pictures before it did eventually turn off again. 

I am really looking forward to this weekend.

We are not only competing together, which is the most fun thing in the world, but also viewing this as a well deserved vacation. So for this reason, we are staying two nights at a hotel and also booked in massage treatments for after the competition (which is way more luxurious than anything we have ever done before so I feel really excited.)

Tomorrow we leave for the competition so we also needed to do a lot of packing and preparing today. 🏇🏆🏁🎒🇸🇪 

Our wonderful farrier came out and replaced some broken snowsoles while I did the chores to warm up my feet. (Adam bought me a pair of heatable snowsoles today so hopefully I won’t get that problem this weekend)

Mom, Adam and I also dug out the trailer, made sure the tires were alright, tried opening the doors, made snackbags for the ponies and sorted through all the washed equipment. 

Cold and hungry, we eventually left for home. That was when my phone rang. Mom’s car wouldn’t start. The temperature had dropped drastically and was moving between -16° and -19° as we drove back to stable to help her. 

Once we got there we had trouble getting it started and pulled out all the car manuals we could find before finally giving up and calling for help from Nettan and Marcus who own the stable and saved the day.

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