Popgun’s got a girlfriend

Popgun was looking very happy and proud yesterday when I came out to the pasture. 

You see, when we came back after the competition on Sunday I decided to let Popgun and Shahina go out in the same pasture for a while to see if they would get along. I wasn’t entirely sure how it would go so I put on the most heavy duty leg protectors I could find on both of them since they are booth wearing spikes on their shoes. 

But not only did they enjoy stretching their legs while we unpacked the trailer and did the chores, they also looked very happy to be in there together and didn’t have any disagreements at all. They simply walked one around the pasture, Popgun rolled (practically into Shahina who walked a few steps away) and then Popgun got up and ran after Shahina. 

So the next day, yesterday, they were let out together again, this time with no leg protectors. It is a little funny though beacause it sort of looks like we have intentianlly put the grays in one pasture and the chestnuts in the other. One gelding and one mare in each. 
The next step is to see if we can let our love birds in with Nipeta and Arshaq too without disturbing the peace or if we should just leave them as they are. For the time being they all seem very pleased and I even saw Arshaq and Nipeta cuddle more than I have ever seen before. 

Later in the summer pastures it shouldn’t be a problem at all since there will be so much juicy grass for them to eat that they probably will get along just fine. 

2 thoughts on “Popgun’s got a girlfriend

  1. Ahh! reminds me of my eventing days! Having grown up in Wisconsin I remember how much “fun” it is to train in the winter. My first Pony Club horse was a fiery chestnut Arabian (she was the first horse to dump me and the first horse I started jumping with!). Can’t wait to read more 🙂


  2. I have always lived in large cities and my only encounters with horses have been on 1-hour horseback rides on vacation. But I have always been drawn to them. They are so majestic. You are so fortunate to be involved with these beautiful animals!


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