Dressage and a new flashy bridle

Today Popgun and I got a light dressage lesson from our trainer Per. We were originally planning on riding in the paddock but the ground was so icy there that we ended up riding in one of the unused pastures intead. 
We focused on the basics and mainly stayed on a large circle around Per. It was a little windy but the weather didn’t bother us too much as we tried to move between walk, trott and canter as softly as we could. Popgun was a little overly enthusiastic about wanting to canter, but he was otherwise very well behaved. He has been only walking by hand and resting during the past 4 days since the competition, as usual, so it was easy to understand why Popgun was a little extra excited today.

At times it felt like we were doing everything just right. Per said that it looked as though we had remembered to do our homework this time. 

We still really need to work on move gracefully between speeds and directions but I felt as though we are making progress. 

I was initially planning on riding a lesson with Arshaq as well, which always teaches us both a lot, but I decided that it would be better to wait until this Sunday instead. That way the ground might get better in the paddock before our lesson. 

While Popgun went out to kiss his Shahina for a while, I did all the chores with Adam’s appreciated assistance.

 It was then Shahina’s turn to be brushed and saddled before a ride with Mom and Nipeta. Shahina got to wear her new bitless bridle from Ridtights. I matched it with my favorite pink gear from my sponsor Exclusive Horsewear

What you see in this picture is the main reason why I don’t get as many nice pictures during the winter. 

As you can see, the sun goes down around 3 pm in Sweden this time of year which sometimes makes it very dark once I get to the stable. On those days I thank my lucky stars for our great headlamps and for our kind horses who keep us cheerful dispite the dark. 

Believe it or not but it can actually be quite relaxing riding in the dark sometimes. There are less unimportant things to look which makes both the horses and myself more focused. 

But after 1,5 hours of walking I did eventually get quite cold this time. I wasn’t wearing enough layers and the wind was blowing in my face. 

Shahina was very enthusiastic and made it clear that she enjoyed getting out and stretching out in her new gear. She practically sings as she walks. 

Sponsored by 🔹P&T Kungsängen🔹 and 🔹Exclusive Horsewear🔹


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