Three rides in one day 

Today Popgun and I went on 11 km walk in 2 hours with Nipeta and My mom.🦄💛 
Popgun and I worked on our dressage moves he was looking pretty fancy. I ended up getting so cold by the time that we turned so I got off and walked the 5,5 km back to the stable. But it was totally worth it. 😂☃ 

Baby Arshaq and Queen Shahina also got dressage lessons today so I ended up spending a total of 11 hours at the stable and I am now quite tiered. 
Sponsored by 🔹P&T Kungsängen🔹 and 🔹Exclusive Horsewear🔹

One thought on “Three rides in one day 

  1. I just found your blog and think it is a really good blog and I love the pictures from this article. I used to horse back ride 10 years ago but now I rarely have time.
    Enjoy the time with the horses 🙂

    Kind regards,


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