Getting things done without stress

Picture taken by Maja (@ticitic)

Tonight Maja came to the stable and we took turns riding Popgun and Shahina for about 1,5 hours. 

I was initially hoping that we could ride in the paddock but I felt that the ground was still too icey for us to ride on, despite spikes. So we made our way over to one of the summer pastures instead and rode some light dressage work there. 

This was Maja’s second time riding Popgun and her first time ever riding my Queen Shahina so we took it very slow. It’s clear that they are all going to get along just fine. 

Popgun was rather excited today though and didn’t seem the least bit tiered or bothered from last night’s jumping adventure. I think he will like going back there again next week and try to show off some more.  

It was great getting so much wonderful help today at the stable from Maja, Adam, my dad and my mom. I almost felt a little strange being at the stable for only 3 hours and still getting everything we needed to do done without a lot of stress. 

So now I am going to take my time and order some new saddle pads from my lovely sponsor Exclusive Horsewear. My brilliant plan is to match the colors with my favorite flashy covers, as seen in the picture. 🦄💙 

Sponsored by 🔹P&T Kungsängen🔹 and 🔹Exclusive Horsewear🔹 

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