Jump training, legally blonde style


Last night Popgun and I went to a jump training at Johannesbergs Castle. Shahina came along to babysit and show Popgun how to travel like a pro and she watched very patiently in one of the corners with my mom during our lesson. 🦄🏆

Both Popgun and I are very green when it is comes to jumping but I feel like we make a lot of progress every time. 

Popgun gets very excited and really wants to jump. But he doesn’t really know how to properly yet and neither do I really, so we are working on that together. 

Adam filmed from the stands so I put together a little video for you guys to see. I picked a funny song too that matched our outfit and that put some of of our feelings into words. 😂💛

Sponsored by 🔹P&T Kungsängen🔹 and 🔹Exclusive Horsewear🔹 

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