Dancing in the Dark 

Shahina and Adam came along to babysit when Arshaq and I went for a 20 minute walk today. She is so amazing to bring along with the young and less experienced horses and she really likes feeling part of what ever it is we are doing. 🦄👑 

It was dark and icey on both the roads and in the paddock so I decided it would be best to stay in one of the summer pastures again today. Things usually feel a lot scarier for everyone in the dark.

But Arshaq was very well behaved, even though he did do one small surprised dance. To be fair, that was only because our wonderful Shahina made a small bunny jump as a light outside the stable turned on. 
Baby also made some dragon noises at a rock that he thought might be acting suspicious. But being the adventurous 4 year old that he is, Arshaq continued by it and didn’t look at it the next few times we past it. (It is strange for me that he is already 4 this year. Just think, next year we will be able to do endurance clearrounds already.) 

Arshaq walked first the entire time as usual, which works surprisingly well. We even walked away from Shahina a few times and also took an extra lap around the yard once Shahina had gone inside. 

We’ve got a fun weekend ahead of us with a lot of riding. (And I’ve got lots of nice pictures from the competition to post too.)   

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