New paths

The ice is beginning to melt off the roads and the birds watched us as we rode by their bushes. Spring is on the way? 🎶🕊🌿🦄

Maja rode Shahina and I rode Popgun on our ride down past the lakes which lasted 2,5 hours. We mostly walked but trotted some to stay warm. ❄️🙏🏻

After about an hour, we passed by a stable where we stopped to talk to two girls. They were very friendly and told us about some nice riding trails nearby that I didn’t know of.

We heded up towards one of the new paths but decided to turn back after just a few steps. The first hill was steep and rocky and covered in ice so we tunred back. As soon as all the ice is gone I will go back. I love finding new places to ride.

As an endurance rider, it gets boring quite quickly if you don’t have more than one or two short paths to ride on.

What a dream it woud be to be able to find a long loop we could ride on instead of having to ride backwards and forwards.

Tomorrow Mom, Adam, Dad and I are getting up early to go to Flen and ride a training ride for the endurance trainer Ella Lindblom.

We are bringing Princeess Shahina and Prince Popgun so both Mom and I will be riding this time.

I am really looking forward to this!

Adventures in far-off places with my unicorns is my idea of a great Sunday!

Sponsored by 🔸Exclusive Horsewear🔸 and 🔹Puls och Träning Kungsängen🔹

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