Last night Popgun went to our weekly jump training without Shahina there as moral support for the first time ever. 

I was a little worried about whether Mom, Adam and I would even be able to load him into the trailer or not but, luckily, that went smoother than expected. 

We used the step-up instead of the ramp as a little experiment (since that is what his old owner used) and that seemed to make a lot more sense to him. But since I want him to be able use both, we will need to train more with the ramp on days when we aren’t in a rush. 

He also traveled very calmly, despite being by himself in the trailer for the first time since he came to us.  

The training in it itself could have gone better but it could also have gone worse. Popgun is very excited to jump but since we are both very inexperienced when it comes to jumping it doesn’t always go as planned. We landed halfway over two jumps and had some miscommunications. 

I need to work on my seat and we both need to work on our timining but we stayed brave for each other even after the weird jumps so things kept going better and better. 

We are noticing a lot of improvement in amongst all the chaos so I think we stay motivated we will be able to do some pay and jumps in the spring. Or we could just go within the next few weeks and get a few giggles from the judges. I don’t know. We’ll see.  

For the moment I am just happy with us calmly getting there every week an soaking up all these new things we are learning there. Patience is key, after all. 
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