NS Arshaq, purebred arabian gelding born 2013.

Arshaq is exceptionally curious and intelligent, even for an arabian. This little 5 year old’s brain might even rival Nipeta‘s. If he feels like it, he can take off and undo just about anything and often finds ways to entertain us.

Arshaq is a glorious mover and always walks with his head and tail held high.

In the future I hope that he will become an elite endurance horse but someone has some growing up to do before then.


Signature BFA (US), 2004


ML Mostly Padron (US),
Padrons Psyche (US),
Padron (NL)
Kilika (US)
HS Mostly (US),
Padron (NL)
Mossi (DE)
MC Psynammon (US),
Psymadre (US),
Padrons Psyche (US)
Tomorrows Dream (US)
Abha Insolita (US),
Abha Nejeb (US)
Abha Quisa (ES)
Porlana El Bey (AT), 1999/2016
Bey El Jamaal (BR), 1996
Ali Jamaal (US), 1982
Ruminaja Ali (US)
Heritage Memory (US)
TW bey Fantasy (US), 1992
Bey Shah (US)
Gioiella (US)
Porlamar (ES), 1982
Galero (ES),
Zancudo (ES)
Zalema (ES)
Hamida (ES), 1974
Jacio (ES)
Calpe (ES)

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