Baby’s first Dressage Club Competition

We got up early this morning to bring Arshaq and Popgun to a club dressage competition.🎠✨🙏🏻🏆

But the day didn’t exactly turn out as I had planned.😖💥 Popgun got scared and panicked as we were unloading and he somehow backed up under the backbar and shot out of the trailer, scratching up his back in the process.🐼💔

Luckily, it didn’t go through his skin, but it did scrape off a lot of fur exactly where the saddle sits. We immediately called 2 veterinarians but they both had more urgent things to do so we had to wait for one of them to call us back. With advice from the vet, we decided it was best to wait on stand by where we were.

So once most of the chaos had landed, Poppy got to walk around and graze with mom while Adam and I quickly saddled and warmed up Arshaq for our start, which was in just 20 minutes!

Things went unusually smoothly so soon enough we were ready to start. At first Arshaq didn’t seem nervous at all, despite it being his first time. He ignored the tiny dressage fences and walked all the way over to the judge table.🚧👀

Then the speaker started.🔊🗯

So he spooked.😖👻

After that, he was very excited and ready to bolt, but we got through the entire program and scraped together 48,7% in the LC class.🌪🦁 That is not great points but I could feel him calming down and I knew that his first dressage competition might be like this.🍼🦁

We laughed a lot when we read that it just said “wrong lead” in the program when he bolted away at the canter.😂 Understanding judge!💛

We then let them graze and wondered what to do with Popgun. Finally, the veterinarian called and said they could be there in 15 minutes! They washed it off, looked him over and shaved around the scrapes, concluding that he was very lucky and not even injured enough to need painkillers.💛

Last minute, I decided to ride Arshaq in the class I had originally signed Popgun up for. Baby was a little more relaxed this time and got 55,18% in the LB, despite some bucking and bouncing.😂

Once we got home to the stable, the lifesaver Hästhälsan Susanne Ernäs came and looked Poppy over as well. We really appreciated her experienced eyes!💛

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Yesterday was a long day.🌸✨

I was in the stable almost 12 hours in order to feed and let ponies out, take part in cleaning day, feed lunch and then ride 2 dressage lessons with first Arshaq and then Popgun.🍼🦁🥕🐼 I also took Popgun for a peaceful 2 hour walk in the woods with Shahina & @matildanilssson_ and Mom&Nipeta.🎠✨🙏🏻🌷 I have only been walking my 3 ponies by hand since their competitions, so the past week has been really calm but now we are back to training again.💛🦄 It felt like a rather long day to start it off with but today I compensated by taking a rest day as soon I had fed and let the ponies out.🙏🏻✨

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Lovisedalsritten 2018

A lot of happy tears today.😭💛

My baby Arshaq, 5 years old, completed his very first 40km qualification ride and my Queen Shahina, 26 years old, did an amazing job babysitting.🍼💦🙏🏻🦁🏆

I am so incredibly proud of both of them and I am so grateful to be able to share this particular ride with my mom, who did a wonderful job riding Shahina.💁🏼‍♀️🦁💛👩🏻🦄 It feels so special to start Arshaq’s career here at Lovisedalsritten.🙏🏻✨ It was at this venue that Shahina and I completed our very first endurance ride together 10 years ago.💛🦄🙏🏻🏆 This is where it all began.💛

A big thank you to my hardworking team and sponsors for helping make our dreams come true.🙏🏻✨ Thank you @ludiv_in_space for being a lifesaver and helping so much today!!🙏🏻💛

Also, a big thank you to my farrier @halsopedagoghastmanniska for shoeing so perfectly!

Last but not least, a million thank you hugs to our equitherapist @susanneqeriksson for helping my Queen to be blessed with this many adventures.💛 There is no way Shahina would ever have stayed this terrific without @susanneqeriksson and I couldn’t be prouder! 🦄✨🙏🏻💛

What a special day to remember!💛

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Race Preparation

Arshaq and Shahina got new racing shoes from our farrier @halsopedagoghastmanniska today in preparation for their endurance race on Sunday.🏔🏇🏼🙏🏻👠✨

We are so lucky to have him because he always spends extra time making sure that everything looks perfect.🔨💎

Afterwards, our equine physiotherapist @susanneqeriksson also stopped by and looked over all my ponies.🌸✨

Her experienced eyes are always appreciated, especially before and after racing.👀🔮🙏🏻🎀

I am very happy to see that Popgun still looks so fresh and energetic after last weekend’s race and that Arshaq is now looking competition ready and much more evenly muscled since I bought his new dressage saddle.🍼🦁

We are always trying to do the best for our unicorns.💛

#QOTD When is your next competition?🏇🏼🏆

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Packing list

Now that we are back from Kristinehamn, it is time to start thinking about next weekend’s adventure. We are going to Lovisedalsritten where Mom and Shahina are going to help me and Arshaq ride Arshaq’s first 40km qualification ride.

I feel like I need to specialize my packing list since we are bringing two horses and will need to bring more with less space. So I will need to plan wisely.


Arshaq Spare

  • ELT cinch 70 cm
  • Gray cinch
  • Green fluffy
  • Yellow biothane stirrup leathers
  • Saddle pad – Blue & Darkblue & yellow by Exclusive Horsewear
  • 4 extra fluffies
  • Lightblue bridle
  • Good grip Lightblue reins
  • Silver Martingalefork
  • 2 rings
  • Reflectorvest
  • 2 Orange leg protectors for front
  • Blue Jumping backleg protectors
  • Spare horseshoes and pads


Shahina Spare


  • Showsheen
  • Plastic gloves
  • Vetwrap
  • Garmin pulsemeeter
  • Polar pulsemeeter
  • Scrapers
  • Buckets
  • Sponges
  • Scoops
  • Hay
  • Feed
  • Salt
  • Carrots
  • Water container
  • Stable bag for the saddle pads


Ella Spare


  • Riding gloves
  • Working gloves
  • Buff
  • Shirt
  • GPS
  • Back on track helmet
  • Jacket
  • Hoofpick
  • Cellphone
  • Riding Pants
  • Riding socks
  • Shoes
  • Number plate

Mom spare

  • Riding gloves
  • Pants
  • Shirts
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • GPS
  • Jackets

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On the way to the Endurance ride

It is a little windy and the road is a little bumpy but we are finally on the way to Kristinehamn and this weekend’s international 80*km!!

I am a little nervous because I really want to ride to pass this race so that we clear the slate after the drama in January in Rättvik. My plan is still to ride 120**km soon with Poppy and we need to regain some confidence.

One of my big fears for this weekend is the choice wether we should put on leg protectors on. I never usually put them on Popgun’s legs but since Rättvik I have been a little obsessed with always putting on thick cross country leg protectors. But now the snow is gone and Popgun’s spikes are off so I really only risk more by leaving them on for a long ride like 80km. They are thick and warm and this track is sandy and dusty so they could probably rub if I left them on. And he doesn’t usually ever bang his legs together. No. Not a good idea to put them on.

I hope it won’t be too hot tomorrow or my fair skin will burn up in the sunshine and we will need to pour more water on Poppy, which is a lot more work for everyone.

Otherwise, it feels like an easy race and we just need to get around smiling to accomplish our goal. One can’t put the pressure on for every race or one won’t last long.

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Inspiration comes and goes.🎢🤸🏼‍♂️🍭🍬🐥Some days you just need to saddle up and ride anyway.🦄✨

Today was one of those days when Arshaq did everything right and was a good boy but I myself rode like a 🐸 and just sort of sat there and felt sweaty.🤷🏼‍♀️💦

Arshaq, Shahina, @matildanilssson_ and I rode dressage in the outdoor arena where we practiced letting Arshaq go first and last, rode over poles and then we finished off by going for a 2km walk around the summer pastures and also practiced stepping up very tiny yet very steep cliffs.🏔🏇🏼

It was a beautiful and hot spring day today (for being Sweden) but I didn’t get a single good picture so I chose one from 2 years ago and the best of the ones from today.🌞🌱🌷🌸🌪

We also bathed Popgun in preparation for this weekend’s exciting trip to the international 80*km competition in Kristinehamn.🏇🏼🏆🙏🏻💛

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I was a little shocked by Arshaq’s incredibly good behavior today.🍼💦🙏🏻🦁 We started off our session by doing just a couple of start-stop exercises from the ground before I mounted. Once I had gotten on, everything felt so easy and he was just the right amount of energetic and relaxed, without lunging. The same great feeling lasted all through our session in both a walk, trot and canter. He ignored the wind, ignored horses running around in the pasture, didn’t even think of spooking and stayed focused on me the entire time.😱💛 We stopped half way to bask in the feeling and feed him a few carrots before having a blast and cantering all around the outdoor arena at a relaxed yet decent speed.🏇🏼💨 Once we were done riding, I pretended we were at a competition and unsaddled and practiced trotting up by hand.🙏🏻✨ I could almost hear the cheering as the imaginary vets passed us with flying colors.🏁🏆

Just as we were done with our stretching exercises, @matildanilssson_ showed up and we took Popgun and Shahina out for a quick 11km spin up past the lakes in just over 1 hour, which was really fun.🏔🏞🏇🏼💨

The spring flowers are popping up everywhere.

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New saddle for Arshaq

Baby Arshaq got a new dressage saddle today from @liqusinihastsport 🥕🦁🙏🏻✨

She first took some measurements and looked over Arshaq’s back, which is quite round and wide.🍼🐖

We rode around and needed to get Arshaq focused and jog some energy out before I could start thinking about what the saddle felt like and choose my favorite. We were first lunged around by Adam at a walk and trot so that I could focus on the saddle but then I rode by myself in walk, trot and canter. 🏇🏼💨

I was choosing between two different dressage saddles from Lippo that both fit very well. The first one was with more support and was an updated version of the other one.

I picked the newer one with more support even though it just has one flap, which creates close contact but confuses the situation with what to do with the saddle pad loop at the top. I think it will be good to make me sit a little straighter and Arshaq seemed to like it a little more.

We also saw that Popgun’s jumping saddle fits Arshaq, as long as we use it without a pad. Popgun was too dirty to see if the dressage saddle with fit Popgun too.

The saddle jungle can be tricky, especially if you own an Arabian, but it was really nice finding one so quickly that fits both of us.🦄✨💛💁🏼‍♀️

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Jogging in the Rain

Arshaq seemed very pleased to have me back on his back and back to feeding him carrots.🥕🦁🙏🏻💛

It was awful weather but we did our best to ignore the rain and burn off some energy by jogging around the outdoor arena.✨🏇🏼💨🌧💦

Adam lunged us just in case.💁🏻‍♂️

I also want to annonce that @ponnyn_callaway won the competition that I just held with @elinwessberg 🏆💛

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