Exciting rides and Ponyspa

Today Arshaq and Popgun both got out riding and I took the chance to try out a new bridle to see who it suits best. In my personal opinion I would say that yellow looks best on baby. 

Arshaq was not only looking cute today but also equally sweet to ride. We walked and trotted in all the figures I could think of and practiced stopping and moving sideways. 

Some kids were playing in the woods and two other horses were cantering on a field close by but he didn’t bounce around. Not once. 

I was pleased to see him behave as well as he did and I trusted him enough to ride with the reins attached to the sidepull and not the bit. 

A good deal of this security from Shahina being there to supervise. She was there bra she my Dad was helping me bring her for a walk after her ponyspa treatment from our equine physiotherapist Susanne Ernäs

Susanne was so nice to make time and come out today to help Shahina after a rather scary incident that happened yesterday. I will talk more in a later post about what happened but for now I can say that she is shaken up but is going to be alright. 

After bringing Arshaq and Shahina out to the pastures, I brought Popgun in and saddled up.  

Pretty Popgun and I then warmed up by walking actively for 20 minutes. First, we went around the big field twice (800 meters * 2 laps) and then walked around the summer pasture (300 meters). 

We trotted two laps in both directions and did some of our dressage homework before starting our planned canter training.

I kept Popgun collected in the corners in order to keep the canter smooth and organized and keept our speed equally calm on the long and straight bits. 

I would prefer finding a bigger track to canter train on but this worked fine for the slow pace we kept today. The ground was also soft in the grassy pasture and more suitable ground is impossible to find during this time of year. 

It was a fun and interesting ride and he felt relaxed yet eager in just the right porportions. 

While unsaddleing I noticed that he wasn’t at all swetty anywhere on his body. His muscles also felt great while I checked him over and massaged him, which makes me feel confident that we didn’t do too much for his level of training. 

Below is a summary of Popgun’s canter session. 

Our ride in detail:

  • Walking 20 minutes (300 meters + 800 meters * 2 = 1,9 km)  
  • Trotting 2 laps in both directions (300 meters * 2 laps = 600 meters) 
  • Cantering 5 laps anti-clockwise (300 meters * 5 laps = 1,5 km in 5 minutes) 
  • Trotting 1 lap clockwise (300 meters * 1 lap) 
  • Cantering 5 laps clockwise (300 meters * 5 laps = 1,5 km in 5 minutes) 
  • Trotting 1 lap anti-clockwise (300 meters * 1 lap) 
  • Cantering 5 laps anti-clockwise (300 meters * 5 laps = 1,5 km in 5 minutes) 
  • Trotting 1 lap clockwise (300 meters * 1 lap) 
  • Cantering 5 laps clockwise (300 meters * 5 laps = 5 minutes) 
  • Trotting 1 lap clockwise (300 meters * 1 lap) 
  • Walking 20 minutes (300 meters *3  + 800 meters = 1,7 km)  

Approximate time and distance in each Gate: 

Walking: 40 minutes of walking a total of 3,6 km (20 minutes * 2). 

Trotting: 8 minutes of trotting a total of 1,8 km (300 meters * 6) 

Cantering: 20 minute of cantering a total of 6 km (1,5 km * 4 laps) 

Total: 11,4 km in 68 minutes. 

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Talent over love? 

Maria rode Shahina and I rode Popgun this evening for about 1 hour.We trained dressage in the paddock and then cooled off by taking a walk outside around one of the fields. 🌾🐎✨🌙 

With Popgun I focused mainly on extending his strides while carefully trying different lateral movements. He was very well behaved and soft today, which made everything feel a lot more fun and easy. 

Afterwards, young Arshaq got fussed over a little more than usual, which he really loves. I feel very blessed to have such kind horses who really love cuddles. 🍼💕

I don’t think I could ever own a horse who I didn’t deeply love, no matter how talented the horse was. It is wonderful to win, sure, but I could never put that above a loving bond with my horse. I need to feel my heart melt every time I look in to their big brown eyes. This way I remain inspired and even the longest days feel worth while. 

But how could you not love these faces? 

As you can see, Arshaq got to act like a big boy today and wear a saddle while I finished up the rest of the stable chores. Pink isn’t exactly Arshaq‘s color so I can barely wait for the flashy new blue and gold saddle pads I have ordered from my dear Sponsor Exclusive Horsewear. They are going to look great on all of them! 

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Shahina and Adam joined Arshaq and myself for a refreshing 35 minute walk in the paddock today after finishing the chores. 

We changed directions often and I tried to keep Arshaq thinking as much as possible by mixing in some trot and asking him to stop and then back up. He tried to dance around the first time we started trotting and made a (not so graceful) bounce when one of the other horse cantered close by us (one time), but other than that he was very well behaved. 

Afterwards, Popgun and I followed mom and Nipeta for 11,15 km on the hilly road down past the lakes. We kept the tempo quite slow since it was a little icey in places so the ride time ended up being almost exactly 2 hours.

I had to dismount (and then get on again) 5 times during our ride, which took a good deal of extra time. (I got off twice to help adjust my mom’s stirrups, once to push Popgun‘s poop off the road, once to pick up mom’s glove and then finally at the end before going back into the stable to thaw out my toes..)

I would have had to jump off yet another time if Popgun, or Poopgun, hadn’t luckily managed to poop while I was still on the ground helping mom. 

For some reason I wasn’t properly dressed today so I almost froze into a popsicle, even after all my gymnastics while getting in and out of the saddle. But now, after some pony cuddles and a warm shower, I am able to properly move my toes and face again enough to feel happy after a long day. 🦄💛 

This is what Saturdays are meant for 🏆

The day started with a morning ride on Shahina with Marie and her horse for 1,5 hours on some new roads. This was the first time we rode together but I have a good feeling that it won’t be the last. 😉  

Shahina prefers to walk first but followed them nicely as we went out exploring. 

I am constantly looking for new dirt roads to explore since we spend a lot of time out on the trail. 

Once we got back to the stable I brought Popgun in and gave all our ponies their lunch. 

I then saddled Popgun and we waited for Rebecka to saddle her Paloma. Her mom, Henrietta, took this funny picture of the little nest I made while posting the picture from Shahina‘s ride on instagram.

I then rode Popgun with Rebecka and her horse Paloma down past the lakes. 🦄❄️ We were out 1 hour and 45 minutes for about 13 km and had fun climbing on my favorite dirt road. 

We walked for about 20 minutes both at the start of and at the end of our ride but the rest of the ride was mostly nice and calm trot.

 Popgun and Paloma got along very well and I think they had a lot of fun. Popgun did drool some on Paloma though as we took a few pictures. 😂💛

Popgun was well behaved but had a little extra pop in him today and didn’t particularly like the cars that made weird noises next to us on the ice. 

When I got back, Arshaq and I took a 30 minute walk as the sunset colored the fields as golden as my daydreams.  🏆🦄🏁🇸🇪🏅

We just need to wait one more year until we will be out competing together in endurance

Arshaq enjoyed stopping to eat some grass every once and a while and we also practiced trotting up for imaginary veterinarians. This is something we will need to do at competitions in the future so it is good to practice as much as possible. Popgun saw that we were trotting and started racing around in the pasture next to us. So we went back to walking, even though Arshaq luckily didn’t get excited this time. 

Tomorrow our trainer Per is coming out to teach Arshaq and myself some new dressage moves and Maja is going to come ride with Popgun and Shahina and myself. So this weekend is going to be full of wonderful rides! 

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Three rides in one day 

Today Popgun and I went on 11 km walk in 2 hours with Nipeta and My mom.🦄💛 
Popgun and I worked on our dressage moves he was looking pretty fancy. I ended up getting so cold by the time that we turned so I got off and walked the 5,5 km back to the stable. But it was totally worth it. 😂☃ 

Baby Arshaq and Queen Shahina also got dressage lessons today so I ended up spending a total of 11 hours at the stable and I am now quite tiered. 
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Early morning at the stable

Early mornings 🦄💛

It is 9 am on a Saturday morning and Adam and I have already been to the stables to let out all the ponies and give them some yummy  breakfast. 

In the stable where our 4 horses live, we take turns on the weekends letting all of the 12 horses out, feeding them breakfast, lunch and dinner and cleaning the common areas. 

Popgun seems to like it when we hang around in the mornings.

Popgun seems to like it when we hang around in the mornings. 

There is something peaceful about watching Nipeta and Arshaq cuddling as the sun came up.


Baby Arshaq watches me carefully to see if I have any treats. 🍼🐿

Now it is time for my own breakfast before going back to the stable to ride, give the horses lunch and do chores. 
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Dressage and a new flashy bridle

Today Popgun and I got a light dressage lesson from our trainer Per. We were originally planning on riding in the paddock but the ground was so icy there that we ended up riding in one of the unused pastures intead. 
We focused on the basics and mainly stayed on a large circle around Per. It was a little windy but the weather didn’t bother us too much as we tried to move between walk, trott and canter as softly as we could. Popgun was a little overly enthusiastic about wanting to canter, but he was otherwise very well behaved. He has been only walking by hand and resting during the past 4 days since the competition, as usual, so it was easy to understand why Popgun was a little extra excited today.

At times it felt like we were doing everything just right. Per said that it looked as though we had remembered to do our homework this time. 

We still really need to work on move gracefully between speeds and directions but I felt as though we are making progress. 

I was initially planning on riding a lesson with Arshaq as well, which always teaches us both a lot, but I decided that it would be better to wait until this Sunday instead. That way the ground might get better in the paddock before our lesson. 

While Popgun went out to kiss his Shahina for a while, I did all the chores with Adam’s appreciated assistance.

 It was then Shahina’s turn to be brushed and saddled before a ride with Mom and Nipeta. Shahina got to wear her new bitless bridle from Ridtights. I matched it with my favorite pink gear from my sponsor Exclusive Horsewear

What you see in this picture is the main reason why I don’t get as many nice pictures during the winter. 

As you can see, the sun goes down around 3 pm in Sweden this time of year which sometimes makes it very dark once I get to the stable. On those days I thank my lucky stars for our great headlamps and for our kind horses who keep us cheerful dispite the dark. 

Believe it or not but it can actually be quite relaxing riding in the dark sometimes. There are less unimportant things to look which makes both the horses and myself more focused. 

But after 1,5 hours of walking I did eventually get quite cold this time. I wasn’t wearing enough layers and the wind was blowing in my face. 

Shahina was very enthusiastic and made it clear that she enjoyed getting out and stretching out in her new gear. She practically sings as she walks. 

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Popgun’s got a girlfriend

Popgun was looking very happy and proud yesterday when I came out to the pasture. 

You see, when we came back after the competition on Sunday I decided to let Popgun and Shahina go out in the same pasture for a while to see if they would get along. I wasn’t entirely sure how it would go so I put on the most heavy duty leg protectors I could find on both of them since they are booth wearing spikes on their shoes. 

But not only did they enjoy stretching their legs while we unpacked the trailer and did the chores, they also looked very happy to be in there together and didn’t have any disagreements at all. They simply walked one around the pasture, Popgun rolled (practically into Shahina who walked a few steps away) and then Popgun got up and ran after Shahina. 

So the next day, yesterday, they were let out together again, this time with no leg protectors. It is a little funny though beacause it sort of looks like we have intentianlly put the grays in one pasture and the chestnuts in the other. One gelding and one mare in each. 
The next step is to see if we can let our love birds in with Nipeta and Arshaq too without disturbing the peace or if we should just leave them as they are. For the time being they all seem very pleased and I even saw Arshaq and Nipeta cuddle more than I have ever seen before. 

Later in the summer pastures it shouldn’t be a problem at all since there will be so much juicy grass for them to eat that they probably will get along just fine. 

Preparing for this weekend’s competition

We finally got out in the light today for a ride in some freshly fallen snow. 

I rode Prince Popgun and my mother rode an excited Queen Shahina, who was a little disappointed by having to take turns riding first. 

13 km might not be a very long ride but it was great practice for this weekend ahead of us. We are going to the first competition of the year up in Bjursås with Popgun and Shahina.  

The competition is only a clearround but this will hopefully be a wonderful vacation with the horses and my family. What better way is to spend a vacation anyway? 

The ponies were very silly today in the pasture before I got the chance to bring them in. I put together a little video with all the bouncing around like wild bunnies. Especially Shahina. Mares just want to have fun after all. 

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Winter mornings

Early morning to let out and feed the unicorns.  Woke up to see the ground covered in a layer of powder snow.  🦄❄️🌨☃ 

Now time for breakfast and a big cup of cocoa in front of some sweet Christmas movie. Then it will be time to go back and feed them lunch again. ☕️ 

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