Endurance is the marathon of the equestrian world. 

The competitions are typically between 20-160 km in one day with strict veterinary inspections along the way. Each of these veterinary inspections is followed by a short obligatory rest where both horse and rider are offered food and water by their team.

Training and competing in endurance is a fun and exciting way for you and your horse to get to go out and explore many different beautiful places. The tracks can be set anywhere like on small paths through the woods, on big sandy roads, through lakes, up mountains or through towns. The trained endurance horse can pass just about anything. 

All breeds of horses are encouraged to take part in an endurance event but typically Arabians and Arabian crosses are most often seen winning at the top levels.

Endurance riding is very much a family event since a team of helpers is very useful, if not completely necessary, in successfully completing race. 

The atmosphere at an endurance ride is like none other. It is often said that “to finish is to win” which shows the heart of this unique equestrian sport where both wins and completed km are counted in order to evaluate a team’s success.







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