Nipeta, arabian mare born 2007.

This little mare is nowadays my mother’s horse. We bought her when she was 3 years old and she has been finding new ways of surprising us all ever since. She is a joy to deal with and loves people. But sometimes she gets in to trouble.


Don’t let her doll like appearance fool you, she is extremely intelligent and has a lot of personality. She has been known to repeatedly open various sorts of doors and electrical fences at the blink of an eye and even had to be locked in her box with a bicycle lock when she was at the vets since they got tiered of closing her door. She can also untie and take off practically anything but usually doesn’t unless you turn your back.


She hates trailers and has had several unfortunate trailer accidents that have complicated many situations for Nipeta in the past.

Nipeta loves riding in the woods, being brushed on her forehead, following Shahina around and showing people her favourite tricks which is to bow and make funny faces.


Nipr (SE), 1986 (2014)
Probat (SE), 1975
Pohaniec (PL), 1965 (0)
Comet (PL)
Planeta (PL)
Borexia (SE), 1968 (1988)
Exelsjor (PL)
Bogoria (PL)
Nidshem (SE), 1966 (1991)
Gwarny (PL), 1953
Amurath Sahib (PL)
Gwara (PL)
Cisawica (PL), 1961 (1986)
Sedziwoj (PL)
Cissa (PL)
Nazana (SE), 1992/2009
Maz (SE), 1979 (1998)
Aladdin (SE), 1975
Nureddin (PL)
Lalage (GB)
Maricedia (SE), 1969
Cedr (PL)
Maritsa (SU)
Nicola (SE), 1978 (2004)
Expo (SE), 1972 (1989)
Pohaniec (PL)
Ruxia (SE)
Sweet Nicolina (SE), 1967
Samba (GB)
Noureena (GB)



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