Another Adventure

We are on our way to somewhere special again! It is just past 9.30 am on a Sunday morning and we are well on our way to an endurance training just outside Popgun‘s old hometown Flen. I am sure he will be happy to show Shahina around. Maybe if we are lucky his old owner Helene will get a chance to stop by. 💛

Both Shahina and Popgun are standing patiantly in the trailer and we are somewhere between Enköping and Strängnäs on our way from Uppsala to Flen. Since we’ve been driving for 1 hour already, we’ve now only got 1,5 hours left. 💙

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New paths

The ice is beginning to melt off the roads and the birds watched us as we rode by their bushes. Spring is on the way? 🎶🕊🌿🦄

Maja rode Shahina and I rode Popgun on our ride down past the lakes which lasted 2,5 hours. We mostly walked but trotted some to stay warm. ❄️🙏🏻

After about an hour, we passed by a stable where we stopped to talk to two girls. They were very friendly and told us about some nice riding trails nearby that I didn’t know of.

We heded up towards one of the new paths but decided to turn back after just a few steps. The first hill was steep and rocky and covered in ice so we tunred back. As soon as all the ice is gone I will go back. I love finding new places to ride.

As an endurance rider, it gets boring quite quickly if you don’t have more than one or two short paths to ride on.

What a dream it woud be to be able to find a long loop we could ride on instead of having to ride backwards and forwards.

Tomorrow Mom, Adam, Dad and I are getting up early to go to Flen and ride a training ride for the endurance trainer Ella Lindblom.

We are bringing Princeess Shahina and Prince Popgun so both Mom and I will be riding this time.

I am really looking forward to this!

Adventures in far-off places with my unicorns is my idea of a great Sunday!

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Talent over love? 

Maria rode Shahina and I rode Popgun this evening for about 1 hour.We trained dressage in the paddock and then cooled off by taking a walk outside around one of the fields. 🌾🐎✨🌙 

With Popgun I focused mainly on extending his strides while carefully trying different lateral movements. He was very well behaved and soft today, which made everything feel a lot more fun and easy. 

Afterwards, young Arshaq got fussed over a little more than usual, which he really loves. I feel very blessed to have such kind horses who really love cuddles. 🍼💕

I don’t think I could ever own a horse who I didn’t deeply love, no matter how talented the horse was. It is wonderful to win, sure, but I could never put that above a loving bond with my horse. I need to feel my heart melt every time I look in to their big brown eyes. This way I remain inspired and even the longest days feel worth while. 

But how could you not love these faces? 

As you can see, Arshaq got to act like a big boy today and wear a saddle while I finished up the rest of the stable chores. Pink isn’t exactly Arshaq‘s color so I can barely wait for the flashy new blue and gold saddle pads I have ordered from my dear Sponsor Exclusive Horsewear. They are going to look great on all of them! 

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Shahina and Adam joined Arshaq and myself for a refreshing 35 minute walk in the paddock today after finishing the chores. 

We changed directions often and I tried to keep Arshaq thinking as much as possible by mixing in some trot and asking him to stop and then back up. He tried to dance around the first time we started trotting and made a (not so graceful) bounce when one of the other horse cantered close by us (one time), but other than that he was very well behaved. 

Afterwards, Popgun and I followed mom and Nipeta for 11,15 km on the hilly road down past the lakes. We kept the tempo quite slow since it was a little icey in places so the ride time ended up being almost exactly 2 hours.

I had to dismount (and then get on again) 5 times during our ride, which took a good deal of extra time. (I got off twice to help adjust my mom’s stirrups, once to push Popgun‘s poop off the road, once to pick up mom’s glove and then finally at the end before going back into the stable to thaw out my toes..)

I would have had to jump off yet another time if Popgun, or Poopgun, hadn’t luckily managed to poop while I was still on the ground helping mom. 

For some reason I wasn’t properly dressed today so I almost froze into a popsicle, even after all my gymnastics while getting in and out of the saddle. But now, after some pony cuddles and a warm shower, I am able to properly move my toes and face again enough to feel happy after a long day. 🦄💛 

Jump training

We liked the jump training at Johannesberg’s Castle so much last week that we decided to go back again today with Popgun. We brought Shahina along as company again too. 

Popgun more than lived up to his name today and was almost as strong as a Shotgun instead of a toy gun. He practically dragged me around the course, which is not exactly ideal. At last he shows a lot of enthusiasms. So all I need to do now is install a set of breaks and we will be good to go. (Or not. Our technique needs a lot of work as well.)

The fact that Popgun had rested both yesterday and the day before probably didn’t make things easier either. Yesterday evening, my mom and I went to a an interesting presentation on equine respiratory conditions. The night before I needed to do school work and my mom went to a presentation held by Endurance rider Annelie Eriksson (which I was told was really great). Both days we only had time to do the chores and neither of us got out riding at all. 

But I am really hoping this jump training thing has turned into something we will do every week. Not only do we get to work on our jump moves, Popgun also gets some extra trailer training. 

The only problem for me is that my own confidence level can, at times, get properly pushed down. We are both so new to jumping after all so sometimes look, quite frankly, ridiculous. It takes quite a lot of rider meditation to tell yourself that it is alright to always be the one that the trainer needs to lower the jumps for. You’d think I’d get used to it but apparently not. I will be singing with joy on the day when we are on the same level as everyone else. 

I put together a little movie of both good parts and mistakes so try not to laugh too hard when you watch it. The music is fun too so make sure to turn it on by turning your phone off silent mode. 

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Overcoming Fear

Our dressage trainer Per came out today and trained Arshaq and myself.

We worked mainly on my own confidence as a rider since that needs a bit more improvement.

My main problem right now is that I need to stop letting my mind paint up a million scenarios which all end with Arshaq bolting home and falling on the ice.

The idea of any one of the horses getting hurt terrifies me more than anything. But Arshaq is the youngest and the one most likely to do silly things while riding, so naturally I worry most about him.

This fear of him falling on the ice has been stuck in the back of my mind for the past month and I feel like it makes me look tense and ride worse than I can. I really want to (and know that I need to) work on it and eventually get over it. But it doesn’t get better when the best place we have to train dressage right now happens to be in such an open and vulnerable place as the summer pasture. It felt so much easier in the paddock that isn’t right next to the other pastures (with horses in them that love to join in on our fun games).

I keep telling myself that I love the opertunity to practice these sorts of things. (But right then, as I sit in the saddle and wait for Popgun or Shahina to set off at a canter right next to us, I quite honestly do not.)

A trainer like Per being there to supervise makes all the difference to me. He tells me when to “be brave and do my job” and when to let myself feel proud and take a step back.

And thank goodness for Adam who joins us out in the freezing cold during every training, just to film and make me feel more safe and confident.

So today we took some steps back to work on my attitude. We walked around in big circles, changing directions and trying to keep Arshaq’s (and my) mind busy. It was cold and a little windy and I could feel that Arshaq was a little excited. We kept turning, stopping and walking while I tried to separate the safe reality from the endless number of “what ifs” that were starting to tunnel their way through my brain.

Once walking felt natural to me again, we started trotting for a little while and nothing dramatic happened. We then went back to a walk and tried working on some “baby leg yields” which went surprisingly well despite me still being quite distracted. Arshaq appreciated all the praise and I started to feel a little bit more confident.

We then tried trotting again in a big circle and I gradually felt like I could breath properly again and trust him enough to ask him to trot faster. All of a sudden I could laugh and smile again!

Since this felt like a big sucess and the perfect time to stop, we finished up and walked back to the stable while I still felt like we could conquer the world again.

After Arshaq’s dressage lesson, we brought in Popgun and Shahina and let Arshaq out in the pasture to play with Nipeta.

I then rode Popgun while Maja rode Shahina for 13 km in almost 2 hours. 🦄👑 We went on the road down past the lakes and took it quite easy due to all the ice.

The best part about riding on those roads is, without a doubt, all the climbing. It makes even the calmest rides feel like a good workout.
My Shahina loves cantering, especially up mountains, and was a little excited on the way back but otherwise it was quite a nice calm ride. Popgun was still quite poppy again today but was looking quite nice I thought while we were practicing our dressage homework out on our trailride.

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This is what Saturdays are meant for 🏆

The day started with a morning ride on Shahina with Marie and her horse for 1,5 hours on some new roads. This was the first time we rode together but I have a good feeling that it won’t be the last. 😉  

Shahina prefers to walk first but followed them nicely as we went out exploring. 

I am constantly looking for new dirt roads to explore since we spend a lot of time out on the trail. 

Once we got back to the stable I brought Popgun in and gave all our ponies their lunch. 

I then saddled Popgun and we waited for Rebecka to saddle her Paloma. Her mom, Henrietta, took this funny picture of the little nest I made while posting the picture from Shahina‘s ride on instagram.

I then rode Popgun with Rebecka and her horse Paloma down past the lakes. 🦄❄️ We were out 1 hour and 45 minutes for about 13 km and had fun climbing on my favorite dirt road. 

We walked for about 20 minutes both at the start of and at the end of our ride but the rest of the ride was mostly nice and calm trot.

 Popgun and Paloma got along very well and I think they had a lot of fun. Popgun did drool some on Paloma though as we took a few pictures. 😂💛

Popgun was well behaved but had a little extra pop in him today and didn’t particularly like the cars that made weird noises next to us on the ice. 

When I got back, Arshaq and I took a 30 minute walk as the sunset colored the fields as golden as my daydreams.  🏆🦄🏁🇸🇪🏅

We just need to wait one more year until we will be out competing together in endurance

Arshaq enjoyed stopping to eat some grass every once and a while and we also practiced trotting up for imaginary veterinarians. This is something we will need to do at competitions in the future so it is good to practice as much as possible. Popgun saw that we were trotting and started racing around in the pasture next to us. So we went back to walking, even though Arshaq luckily didn’t get excited this time. 

Tomorrow our trainer Per is coming out to teach Arshaq and myself some new dressage moves and Maja is going to come ride with Popgun and Shahina and myself. So this weekend is going to be full of wonderful rides! 

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Dancing in the Dark 

Shahina and Adam came along to babysit when Arshaq and I went for a 20 minute walk today. She is so amazing to bring along with the young and less experienced horses and she really likes feeling part of what ever it is we are doing. 🦄👑 

It was dark and icey on both the roads and in the paddock so I decided it would be best to stay in one of the summer pastures again today. Things usually feel a lot scarier for everyone in the dark.

But Arshaq was very well behaved, even though he did do one small surprised dance. To be fair, that was only because our wonderful Shahina made a small bunny jump as a light outside the stable turned on. 
Baby also made some dragon noises at a rock that he thought might be acting suspicious. But being the adventurous 4 year old that he is, Arshaq continued by it and didn’t look at it the next few times we past it. (It is strange for me that he is already 4 this year. Just think, next year we will be able to do endurance clearrounds already.) 

Arshaq walked first the entire time as usual, which works surprisingly well. We even walked away from Shahina a few times and also took an extra lap around the yard once Shahina had gone inside. 

We’ve got a fun weekend ahead of us with a lot of riding. (And I’ve got lots of nice pictures from the competition to post too.)   

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Getting things done without stress

Picture taken by Maja (@ticitic)

Tonight Maja came to the stable and we took turns riding Popgun and Shahina for about 1,5 hours. 

I was initially hoping that we could ride in the paddock but I felt that the ground was still too icey for us to ride on, despite spikes. So we made our way over to one of the summer pastures instead and rode some light dressage work there. 

This was Maja’s second time riding Popgun and her first time ever riding my Queen Shahina so we took it very slow. It’s clear that they are all going to get along just fine. 

Popgun was rather excited today though and didn’t seem the least bit tiered or bothered from last night’s jumping adventure. I think he will like going back there again next week and try to show off some more.  

It was great getting so much wonderful help today at the stable from Maja, Adam, my dad and my mom. I almost felt a little strange being at the stable for only 3 hours and still getting everything we needed to do done without a lot of stress. 

So now I am going to take my time and order some new saddle pads from my lovely sponsor Exclusive Horsewear. My brilliant plan is to match the colors with my favorite flashy covers, as seen in the picture. 🦄💙 

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Jump training, legally blonde style


Last night Popgun and I went to a jump training at Johannesbergs Castle. Shahina came along to babysit and show Popgun how to travel like a pro and she watched very patiently in one of the corners with my mom during our lesson. 🦄🏆

Both Popgun and I are very green when it is comes to jumping but I feel like we make a lot of progress every time. 

Popgun gets very excited and really wants to jump. But he doesn’t really know how to properly yet and neither do I really, so we are working on that together. 

Adam filmed from the stands so I put together a little video for you guys to see. I picked a funny song too that matched our outfit and that put some of of our feelings into words. 😂💛

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