Mr Popgun, purebred arabian gelding born 2007.

Popgun has only been part of our family since the 6th of September 2016 but I already feel like we have known each other since forever. The first time I rode him I actually cried because something about him was like coming home. He is energetic, unusually handsome, fun to ride, sweet as sugar and loves to be fussed over.

Popgun loves food and to talk (about food or in greeting). He is named after a Popcorn brand and is sometimes nicknamed, Popcorn, Popsicle and Poptart because he is so sweet.

Tomahawk (SE), 2002 (2015)
Diesel (SE), 1995
Bistro (SE), 1992
Metat (SE)
Ballerina (SE)
Digora (SE), 1983 (2003)
Figaro (PL)
Aleksandra (SE)
Tosca (SE), 1992
TC Kashmir (US), 1977
Naborr (RU)
Four Winds Kalifa (US)
Gwiazda (DK), 1986
Bomarc (US)
Granada (DD)
Mingaz (SE), 1996/2013
Arystoteles (PL), 1988 (1998)
Eukaliptus (PL), 1974
Bandos (PL)
Eunice (PL)
Areta (PL), 1983
Set (PL)
Artemida (PL)
Medinaz (SE), 1992 (2012)
Glaz (SE), 1985 (2012)
Bomarc (US)
Galaxcja (SE)
Maskotka (PL), 1978 (1995)
Bandos (PL)
Maskota (PL)














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