Mistrals Shahina, arabian mare born 1992.

13521933_803250959811537_2142537180053080760_nShahina and I have been best friends and practically inseparable for the past 10,5 years.

This mare is one of a kind. She is extremely versatile, patient, gentle, sensitive, opinionated, intelligent, healthy and and absolutely hates to be ignored.

She is Queen of the pasture (and in her mind the universe) and adores baby animals and small children.

She has competed endurance, dressage, jumping, classic pleasure and show with outstanding results and she has also trained Working Equitation, which she loved.

Her name means Royal Falconess of the Mistral (which is a strong and cold north-westerly wind that blows through France) and it suits her very well. I am often heard calling her Princess or Darling and she loves being kissed on the nose, especially for an apple.





TC Kashmir (US), 1977
Naborr (RU),
Negativ (SU), 1945
Naseem (GB)
Taraszcza (PL)
Lagodna (PL), 1939
Posejdon (PL)
Obra (PL)
Four Winds Kalifa (US), 1972
Cytrys (PL), 1957
Trypolis (PL)
Cissa (PL)
Four Winds Kitkat (US), 1967
Wiraz (PL)
Rokitka (PL)
Laida (SE), 1982/2000
Danser (PL), 1974 (1990)
El Azrak (PL), 1960
Faher (PL)
Ellora (PL)
Danina (PL), 1967
Chazar (PL)
Druchna (PL)
Lampka (PL), 1974 (2006)
Gedymin (PL), 1968
Gwarny (PL)
Gastronomia (PL)
Laszka (PL), 1953
Miecznik (PL)
Laguna (PL)


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